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How to take part in research

Are you interested in contributing to cutting-edge research and driving innovation in the field of Spinal Cord Injury? Contact us!

We are looking for motivated volunteers above the age of 18 to participate in our exciting research projects. We study the function and structure of the human spinal cord and brain non-invasively by means of innovative MRI methods.

Click here to find out about our current research projects.

What you get

Additionally to the knowledge of having helped contribute to scientific research, you may be compensated for inconveniences during the study, your travel expense, and you can request a structural image of your brain or spinal cord (depending on the study of course).

How to register

Have you found a study you want to take part in? Click here to get to the registration form. Once you are enlisted we will contact you, provide further information about the study and invite you for the measurements. You always have the opportunity to withdraw from the study. If you have further questions you are welcome to contact us.

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